Successful monitoring and evaluation provides information that directly translates into improved performance, increased accountability and ownership, and enhanced value for money. At FLS Academy we have a long-standing experience in design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation in developing countries. Our experience stretches across a wide range of sectors and our approaches have proven their effectiveness even in difficult environments. 

We take pride in our rigorous performance monitoring and quality assurance procedures that are in line with international standards. A key objective of our work is to ensure that data are used appropriately at multiple levels to drive decisions and interventions related coverage, quality, effectiveness, and program efficiencies over time. 

We have supported and built the capacity of our partners – including donors, governments and national programs, private sector entities, NGOs and service delivery providers on issues of strategic performance monitoring and evaluation. 

In addition to building monitoring and evaluation capacity, data quality and management, and data use, we provide partners with a wide range of tools and technical solutions.

  • Design and implementation of sound and appropriate performance monitoring and quality assurance systems.
  • Design and implementation of strategic evaluations from activity and program evaluation to country, sector and meta-evaluations.
  • Technical review of monitoring and evaluation systems, as well as evaluation
  • Designs, plans, methodologies and reports.
  • Technical advice on evaluation policies, guidelines and systems.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Facilitation of consensus around monitoring and evaluation. Capacity building on monitoring and evaluation