FLS Academy offers corporate training to public as well as private institutions to improve their human resources productivity. We deliver training needs assessment (TNA) to troubleshoot institutional gaps and provide the appropriate training Our tailored-made courses are designed to fit the current jobmarket needs. 

We have a team of highly qualified professionals with several years of Engineering & ICT experience at both national and international levels to develop custom solutions that meets the specific needs of our clients; Planning is the first step of the management cycle when designing our custom solutions; then training implementation which includes implementation of pre and post-tests and evaluation.  Every enterprise is unique, operating within a unique environment and facing its own set of unique challenges. Our approach recognises that the management of an enterprise is best placed to have the intimate knowledge of the organisation itself.

Therefore we use an external perspective to integrate with that knowledge to determine the nature of the challenges faced and then we work collaboratively to develop, integrate and implement any necessary changes that will allow the enterprise to flourish.  Our work will be bespoke to the needs of the organisation but may include:

  • Opportunity mapping and value chain profile
  • Channel Supply chain and route-to-market analysis
  • SWOT analysis of market (size, potential for growth, etc.)
  • Market assessment and segmentation
  • KPI and opportunity tracking
  • Quality and performance tracking of competition by product line
  • Methods and opportunities to help you develop competitive advantages
  • Customer segmentation and prioritization, value and performance tracking programs
  • Pricing, margin and rebate benchmarks